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A journey to exotic Thai Thai-land


There are always photos of amaryllis cultivars floating around that stir desire among collectors, if for no other reason their lack of easy commercial availability. I’m not only talking about the countless images of cut flower varieties that are perennially

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The Postman Sometimes Rings Thrice

VKC stock images of (from top left, clockwise) Chipolata, Fledermaus, Mozaique, and Golden Daylight

Getting amaryllis bulbs through the harvesting, curing and bloom programming (cooling) stages takes time, and timing. Wholesalers now face receiving bulbs from multiple countries, and from both hemispheres. Sometimes suppliers know what they will be selling to retailers well in

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Thai Thai! C’mon C’mon!


Some eight years in the making, Hadeco’s twisty tepaled ‘Thai Thai’ finally seems on the verge of full production and availability this season. By verge, I mean not quite. Though there were rumblings of small numbers of these bulbs making their

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Amadeus, Amadeus!


Many months after White Flower Farm offered some new and unknown cultivars in their 2015 catalog, at least one pair of these can be properly entered into our Double Flowered photo library. Checking the KAVB registry earlier this year revealed

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Dark and Mysterious


Another season, and another curious “ultra” dark red cultivar offered by Royal Colors. This time it is ‘Mandela’ that makes waves here with Emaryllis by not having a KAVB registry as yet. So, this may be just a provisional name as

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Right out of the box, not so good


Well, this was never meant to be a full-on box kit kind of season. Good thing, too. The results are in, and they do not speak well at all of the low end of the amaryllis market. So, here we

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The Thin Line


One of the most perplexing cultivar groups in all Hippeastum-dom belong to the several selections flying under the name ‘Picotee’. Throw in a couple of other offerings  that work on similar ground (white with thin red piping) such as ‘President

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Let there be Kit

  Once again, despite being well versed in the (sometimes) wicked ways of the box kit world, Emaryllis has been weak in the face of glossy images lavished upon thin cardboard cartons. What can I say, marketing works. Ah, but

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More please!


Here we are in September, the month during which amaryllis fans in the Northern Hemisphere begin salivating over (and ordering in earnest!) those new varieties that companies are lining up for autumn shipment. As usual, Royal Colors of the Netherlands

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The internet giveth, and it taketh away

Once in a while it pays to double check the site for broken links and such; just due diligence at my own slow and steady interval. It would seem that perhaps a few questions put to Andre Barnhoorn last April

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