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That’s the amaryllis I bought? So you bought an amaryllis and it bloomed…that’s terrific! But wait you say, it doesn’t look like the picture on the label or catalog, or box kit, or…you get it…welcome to our world. Every season a substantial portion of amaryllis bulbs sold are incorrectly labeled. This might not be such a big deal if not for the fact that these are relatively expensive bulbs, which rightly raises the expectations for quality and labeling correctness.

The intent of this site is to photograph those Hippeastrum hybrids commercially available in the U.S. marketplace. Maybe now you can put a name on that mystery bulb!



The 2017/2018 season is not over yet! 



White Flower Farm offered this last season, but this year healthier bulbs have fared much better, and now Tres Belles is in the gallery! Similar to Hadeco’s ‘Hot Lips’ with even sturdier scapes, this one is perfect for pots.



Offered in the U.S. as ‘Formidable’ in the past season, it seems ‘Winter Delight’ will be the correct name when its registration is posted. This robust performer now has an entry in our library.



Royal Colors released the cut-flower variety ‘Caramel’ this season, for the collectors amongst us. Charming, uneven, and personable, and now in the Library!



Rats! Purchasing a new ‘Exotic Peacock’ bulb at local retailer yielded a healthy, productive bloomer. But alas, rather than the brilliant white and red beauty, the much less exciting ‘Red Peacock’ was the result.



Offered in “jumbo” bulb size by Royal Colors this season, ‘Akiko’ seems more aimed at cut-flower producers than collectors of the best new double amaryllis hybrids. Check it out in the library!



Foiled! Last year’s withdrawn offer of ‘Sofia’ by Royal Colors caused mild disappointment, but this season we have something worse. The four lovely bulbs seen here were purchased as 2 each of ‘Picasso’ and ‘Sofia’. It appears Royal Colors did not manage to receive the sought after Van der Ende grown beauty yet again, and I know that Emaryllis is not alone in this unfortunate situation. ‘Picasso’ is great, but not what was paid for, at great shipping cost I might add.



Noted in last year’s Thin Line blog post, ‘Picasso’ now gets an official entry into the Library as it was offered by Royal Colors this season. This is an absolutely wonderful addition to the picotee clan!


It's nice to see the older and still fabulous 'Jungle Star' (right) for sale alongside last year's introduction 'Mystica' (left) in 2017!

It’s nice to see the older and still fabulous ‘Jungle Star’ (right) for sale alongside last year’s introduction ‘Mystica’ (left) in 2017 (Royal Colors)


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48 comments on “Home
  1. Phil says:

    Is it common for a box kit amaryllis not to flower in the first year? I bought Queen of the Night (according to the label) at the beginning of December and it has produced loads of healthy leaves, but no sign of flowers. It has had the same treatment as my two amaryllis from last year which I started back into growth about the same time – one of those is flowering and the other has two well-developed scapes, but just leaves on my new one!

    • emaryllis says:

      Phil, typically these bloom quite well, if not true to name. If the bulb is making only leaves, it was either “blind” beacause the flower initials aborted (this can be caused in many ways) or it was not cool conditioned. In the latter case, it may yet bloom, as spring is the normal flowering period for Hippeastrum. Don’t give up!

      • Phil says:

        Thanks! If the flower initials aborted, does that mean it will never flower? Or is it worth keeping it till next year if it doesn’t flower in the spring?

        • emaryllis says:

          They will bloom in the future. Most Hippeastrum hybrids make one bloom scape per three leaves. That is why I always look at the number of fleshy leaf bases on the top of a dormant bulb at purchase…more leaves = more flowers!

  2. Christie says:

    Can you tell me what the difference is between Orange Sovereign and Naranja? They look exactly the same to me. What is the difference?

    • emaryllis says:

      ‘Orange Sovereign’ is only used as a marketing name these days, the original cultivar was close to scarlet in color, and huge! You probably are looking at two bulbs of ‘Naranja’ which is one of the best orange flowered amaryllises in the trade today, along with its sibling ‘Tineke Verburg’. I am hoping that the ‘Orange Sovereign’ name will be used to market ‘Souvenir’ in the future, as it is also stupendous!

      • Christie says:

        Ah, well that makes sense now – thank you! Some of these Amaryllis flowers look so similar that I sometimes wonder why they bothered to give them different names. But I guess it is important when breeding for certain traits.

  3. Rosie says:

    Come on what else have you got in bloom? I miss your blog posts.

    I have a rather interesting mixup this season through a local greenhouse. They got in a small, but lovely selection of very large quality bulbs. I’ve bought two, labeled Rilona and White Nymph. Neither are right. Lol the “white nymph” I knew wasn’t white from all the color on the scape, but I thought perhaps it would be a red or pink of that family.

    Nope not even close! XD

    It’s Popov!

    • emaryllis says:

      Yikes, Rosie! So many mislabeled bulbs have been reported this year, its disheartening. Older named varieties are so often substituted with robust growing newer types, and ‘Popov’ is a very strong grower.
      Thanks for missing the blog posts, it has been a very busy year for the author, but I do apologize.

      • Rosie says:

        I wonder if the demand is exceeding the supply, or if it’s merely human error during harvesting and packing.

        What’s funny is that the other Whinym there are blooming the correct variety.

        I am actually very pleased with the Popov. It’s gorgeous and scents the whole room!

        I can’t figure out the Rilona sub though. The blooms are about 5 1/2″ and a somewhat deeper red-orange color, very regular and beautiful form.

        I understand, I just wanted you to know that your site is very appreciated. Sometimes it can feel like no one cares, but we do! 🙂

        • emaryllis says:

          Thanks for the kind words Rosie! You may have an example of ‘Naranja’ for ‘Rilona’, or perhaps the smaller but very regular ‘Desire’. Both are excellent growers in high supply these days. I’m glad you like ‘Popov’, it is an excellent selection, and the scent is subtle but permeating.

  4. Barbara Sharf says:

    I was also foiled at getting Sofia from Royal Colors. Last year I was contacted ahead of time, and offered a substitution for Sofia. This year, as happened to you, Picasso was sent, labeled as Sofia. I don’t expect this kind of dishonesty from Royal Colors. Shame on them. In regards to a previous email, the Hadeco Cayenne from Amaryllis Bulb Company was Cayenne.

  5. Rob says:


    Do you usually keep the amaryllis you have photographed?

    • emaryllis says:

      Very few, Rob. I keep a few for breeding stock and some of the varieties that I favor and are no longer sold. I have very limited space, so when a lot of new amaryllis varieties get released, I part with some of the others.

      • Rob says:

        I see. Perhaps you can find a way to reintroduce those varieties that are no longer in circulation.

        • emaryllis says:

          Ahh, if only I had the space to grow them all!

          • Christie W says:

            Perhaps you need to develop a network of Amaryllis foster homes to grow and reintroduce those varieties that are no longer in circulation.

          • emaryllis says:

            Ahhh, if only Emaryllis didn’t have a very busy day job! It would be nice to develop an ark of sorts for the cultivars that often disappear just as they are introduced.

  6. Michael says:

    Hi! I’m a very great fan of this website and love them! greatful! Congratulations!
    I love Amaryllis and have many of it!
    Do you know where I can buy Hadeco Amaryllis bulbs in Europe? I wish to had a bulb of hadeco’s ‘Honeymoon’
    As I was a child, there was hadeco bulbs in trade here. And I have had a ‘honeymoon’ since a long time in bloom in my children room.
    I’m very affraid that my english isn’t so good. Please excuse me for that.

    kindly regards,


    • emaryllis says:

      Your English is very good! Hadeco bulbs are becoming scarce here in the USA too, as one of the nurseries that carried many of their varieties stopped selling this year. Since Fluwel and Royal Colors also don’t sell Hadeco amaryllis, you are left with Amazon.com searches and more general holiday gift catalogs. Often Hadeco bulbs are sold for sale as potted, forced plants here, maybe in Europe too. Maybe someone from Hadeco will read this and offer advice! It looks like they are mainly selling ‘Miracle’ this year, but ‘Honeymoon’ is noted as a 2018 available variety. Good luck and thanks for using Emaryllis 🙂

  7. Barbara Sharf says:

    Last winter, there was a issue with ABC’s Ruby Gem, which turned out to be Gold Metal. ABC just contacted me and offered a “free” bulb this season to make up for last season’s mixup. They are carrying Hadeco’s Cayenne, which I ordered.

    • emaryllis says:

      It was very good of Amaryllis Bulb Company to offer the correct variety the following season. Let us know if this one blooms true to type! Thanks for letting others know about last season’s issue as well.

  8. Calvin says:

    Dear friend,
    Nice to meet you.
    We are a bulb importer from Hong Kong. We have import permit. Hong Kong is a small place, So we can’t make large order as other Import over 2000 bulbs per year with different types/species.
    Now, we are preparing the autumn/winter sales.
    Would you mind send your quotation of minimum order and price?
    I hope we will have a good cooperation.
    Best Regards,

    • emaryllis says:

      Hello Calvin,
      Emaryllis.com is just a hobbyist site, we do not sell any bulbs. Nice to hear from Hong Kong!
      Take care,
      Bill from Emaryllis

  9. Brenda says:

    Is the Flag Amaryllis and the Star Amaryllis the same plant?

  10. Rosie says:

    I was given three bulbs last summer, two from my great Gram-in-law after she passed and one from my sister. I have no real idea what cultivars they are, since I did not see them in bloom. I kept them in my southern facing picture window all this time. They went dormant during the fall and winter months. In January they came out of dormancy (or so I thought). Leaves began growing so I began watering them again. One bulb continued to grow, put up a scape, and bloomed beautifully. The other two seems to have stalled, one has a leaf tip about 2 inches tall and the other has 6 12in long leaves. They have not showed any more growth for about a month. Both bulbs are round, fat and green, and have grown some roots. Have you ever had a bulb start growing and then just stop? They seem so healthy I am confounded.

    • emaryllis says:

      Rosie, I have seen amaryllis stall for no apparent reason fairly often. Once the daylight hours exceed 12 hours a day, they should all come into growth. Just remember that the stalled bulbs need minimal watering, and no fertilizer until actively growing. It’s so nice to hear that you are taking care of these “passalong” amaryllis bulbs 🙂

      • Rosie says:

        That is good to know that once the long summer days come they will get going. I have been reading your site since I got them and did searches to learn how to care for them. This is definitely one of the most fun and informative sites for Amaryllis/Hippeastrum. 🙂 I’ve spent hours looking through the blog posts and photo library! After my first blossomed I tried to identify it, but being one of the solid Reds makes it kind of impossible to my inexperienced eyes. It did have a fragrance though! I am being very careful with the watering. I have to be because the tiny one (is lucky to be alive) is in a small square glass vase with coconut coir. I have no idea who would of sold/gift it to my sister like that. I don’t have any other pots to put it in yet, but I will. I would be surprised to see it bloom, its smaller(17.5cm) and was in poor light quite a long time before I got it. Oh, I am well and truely hook line and sinker for them now. I’ve adopted two box kits from a local store over two weeks ago. Both have roots and one appears to have two scapes peeking. 😀 And I want even more.

        • Rosie says:

          Well, I found out what was wrong with them today. I got a clay pot with drainage for the small one and new soil for them both. When I took it out the littlest one’s basal plate was rotting out all around the middle. There were even fungal spores! 🙁 I pulled and scraped out all the spongy material I could, removed bad roots, and used a child’s toothbrush to clean the whole bottom really good. I let it dry in a window for a while. I dusted the bottom with cinnamon before potting it. I did Not water it as the soil was slightly moist already. It does still have several live roots.

          The bigger one wasn’t as badly rotted, but it was starting to. There was a wad of rotten material in the bottom of the pot and I guess as soon as the roots tried growing through it, they started dying and stopped growing. Same deal, I cleaned it as best I could, let it dry, and dusted with cinnamon before potting it up with new soil. I hope and pray they will be all right.

          • emaryllis says:

            It sounds like you have done the right things, and they should grow much better in new soil. They are pretty tough!

      • Christie W says:

        Have you ever known an amaryllis to go dormant for 18 months? I bought a bulb that shipped to the states from Iran. It leafed out but did not bloom. Then it went dormant for a good 18 months. Now it has finally decided to leaf out again. The bulb is good and solid, the leaves look great. I just wonder why it went dormant for so long.

        • emaryllis says:

          One year yes, but never 18 months! With a huge change in environments and bare-rooting we now know that they can wait that long. Thanks for sharing your information with the Emaryllis world 🙂

          • Christie says:

            Thanks for the reply – I hope my bulb likes its new country. It is supposed to be Royal Velvet, so now I just need to wait, who knows how long, until it blooms and I can find out.

          • emaryllis says:

            Christie, please share your results when it blooms!

  11. Adelaida M. Balaag says:

    How can i buy your amaryllis? How much?

    • emaryllis says:

      Ahh, sorry Adelaida, Emaryllis is just here for informational purposes. Some of the varieties I have photographed over the years are commercially extinct. A few cultivars are only available for 1-2 seasons, while others like ‘Apple Blossom’ have been easy to purchase for many decades. The best selection is by way of mail order companies…which ones depends on where you live. Thanks for your interest!

  12. Barbara Sharf says:

    My Ruby Gem from ABC also turned out to be Gold Metal.

  13. Tienito says:

    Emaryllis, this is such a wonderful website. Fun & informative for those wanting information on specific cultivars. It’s helping me chart the waters. Good work amd well done!

  14. Brenda says:

    Lovely collection, I have a few I don’t know the names of, how can I send a photograph for you to tell me the names

  15. Medi siagian says:

    Hi.. I want to buy your amaryllis special double , please help me to buy your collection

    • emaryllis says:

      Thanks for enjoying this so much that you want to purchase. Emaryllis.com is here for information purposes only, sorry that none of our amaryllis varieties are for sale. Probably Royal Colors in the Netherlands is your best bet, as they ship internationally.

  16. Thank you for the helpful comments

  17. I raised amaryllis bulbs indoors for the first time this year and chose H.’Terra Cotta Star’. They are indeed gorgeous but the stems are weak. I have two bulbs. In both cases once the inflorescence emerged fully the stems toppled over at the junction with the bulb. If the breeder is out out there, could you work on that for the future please?
    Thank you.

    (author of “Visions of Loveliness:great flower breeders of the past”)

    • emaryllis says:

      Greetings Ms. Taylor. Yes, the fact that many of these are naturally tall sees them perfectly suited to the cut-flower market, but less so to the lower light of the average home interior. There are more compact varieties that bloom on shorter, sturdier scapes. Hadeco of South Africa in particular focus on this trait. Dutch hybrids such as ‘Mambo’ and ‘Floris Hekker’ were selected specifically for pot culture as well. The “cybister” hybrids, owing to the lightness of their blooms offer a way to have the elegance of great height with less likelihood of toppling. Thank you for your comment!

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