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That’s the amaryllis I bought? So you bought an amaryllis and it bloomed…that’s terrific! But wait you say, it doesn’t look like the picture on the label or catalog, or box kit, or…you get it…welcome to our world. Every season a substantial portion of amaryllis bulbs sold are incorrectly labeled. This might not be such a big deal if not for the fact that these are relatively expensive bulbs, which rightly raises the expectations for quality and labeling correctness.

The intent of this site is to photograph those Hippeastrum hybrids commercially available in the U.S. marketplace. Maybe now you can put a name on that mystery bulb!

Off Season add: 


A luscious summer treat: After missing its first bloom season altogether, ‘Peach Melba’ enters the photo gallery at last!

Dreaming about next season!

Dutch Gardens has advertised the availability of at least one truly new variety for 2016, namely ‘Sweet Potato Pie.’


An apparent relation to van Geest’s ‘Terra Cotta Star,’ and one of very few new varieties to look forward to for 2016. The lack of bulb claim size and steep pricing of the “exclusive” offering is a little less exciting, but you know that Emaryllis will make the investment!



In perusing the Penning site recently, it was so nice to see a little pomp and promotion for a newly christened amaryllis cultivar. Go to the Penning Freesia website for the story on the connection between this lovely variety and its honored Belgian namesake.


Registered in March 2016, and hopefully soon to be offered, ‘Princesse Claire.’ Photo from the Penning Freesia website.


Highlights of the 2015/2016 Season


Performing poorly on first year roots last season, ‘Torrone’ now shows us what it can do, and adds its graceful charm to the main gallery.


Brand new ‘Amarantia’ (offered by Royal Colors) joins the ranks of doubles in the Library. An excellent, frilly edged solid red.


This season’s attempt to update my photo of ‘Carnival’ netted a not-so-healthy copy of ‘Summertime’ instead.


Another holdout from last season, Penning’s ‘Diva’ finally strikes a pose in our Double Flowered gallery.


A year in the making. Finally, last season’s offering of ‘Tutti Frutti’ by Royal Colors…eh hem…bears fruit! Now in the Library.


Getting ‘Pink Flush’ as a substitute for ‘Pink Star’ in the past was somehow more acceptable knowing that both are from the same grower, Saad-Assaf. Getting it as a substitute for the cultivar ‘Sweet Star’ this season showcases a greater problem. Even paying a princely sum for the Dutch variety did not insure that the correct bulb was supplied.


Rock me! This Amadeus clone, sold as ‘Candy Amadeus’ gives high bud count, big, lush flowers and delicate color. No name registered as yet, so check the Lobby for this one. Update: Registered as ‘Amadeus Candy’ and entered into the Double Flowered gallery!


Big Deal? Another offering from White Flower Farm with no obvious officially registered name is this guy, ‘Big Amadeus.’ Big, double and imperfect, but seemingly distinct. For now sir, you shall reside in The Lobby! Update: As of June 2016 this was finally registered, and is now found in the Double Flowered gallery as ‘Giant Amadeus.’


Another perplexing variety sold by White Flower Farm this season, ‘Coral Beach’ is nearly identical to ‘Stardust.’ Since the name is unregistered, and doubt remains…this guy goes into The Lobby until its true identity is determined!


Sold this season as ‘Liberty,’ a scarlet variety, it looks like we most likely got deep, dark red ‘Grand Diva’ in its stead.

P1460438 (1)

Emaryllis waves the white flag. No matter how many times I have tried, I have never gotten ‘Pink Nymph’ as purchased. This time out, not even a double flowered substitute, but rather ‘Lagoon.’


While we’re on a roll…another variety thought lost to cultivation was encountered this season. McClure & Zimmerman’s offering of ‘Furore’ seemed a great way to see what scarlet cultivar was being used as a popular replacement these days. But surprise, surprise, this does indeed seem consistent with ‘Furore’ as it has been offered in the past, despite not being found on the breeder’s website any longer.


Another clone that seemed to disappear right after its splashy debut, the aptly named ‘Mega Star’ is another welcome return this season, also via Royal Colors.


He’s back! ‘Rembrandt van Rijn’ reappears in the marketplace via Royal Colors after several years absence. A welcome return indeed.


Sold as ‘Pistachio,’ but ‘Pistache’ is the registered solid light green cut-flower variety that would make more sense. While not a great match to the scant images of ‘Pistache’ floating around, it seems more likely than the only other amaryllis that has been associated with the name ‘Pistachio.’  Perhaps a registered name and matching promo photos will show up soon, or this could simply be ‘Luna’ is disguise. Until then, this cool customer will be hanging out in The Lobby!


From cut-flower producer Van der Ende comes a genuinely charming new double. ‘Pink Glory’ is in the Library.



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  1. Tienito says:

    Emaryllis, this is such a wonderful website. Fun & informative for those wanting information on specific cultivars. It’s helping me chart the waters. Good work amd well done!

  2. Brenda says:

    Lovely collection, I have a few I don’t know the names of, how can I send a photograph for you to tell me the names

  3. Medi siagian says:

    Hi.. I want to buy your amaryllis special double , please help me to buy your collection

    • emaryllis says:

      Thanks for enjoying this so much that you want to purchase. Emaryllis.com is here for information purposes only, sorry that none of our amaryllis varieties are for sale. Probably Royal Colors in the Netherlands is your best bet, as they ship internationally.

  4. Thank you for the helpful comments

  5. I raised amaryllis bulbs indoors for the first time this year and chose H.’Terra Cotta Star’. They are indeed gorgeous but the stems are weak. I have two bulbs. In both cases once the inflorescence emerged fully the stems toppled over at the junction with the bulb. If the breeder is out out there, could you work on that for the future please?
    Thank you.

    (author of “Visions of Loveliness:great flower breeders of the past”)

    • emaryllis says:

      Greetings Ms. Taylor. Yes, the fact that many of these are naturally tall sees them perfectly suited to the cut-flower market, but less so to the lower light of the average home interior. There are more compact varieties that bloom on shorter, sturdier scapes. Hadeco of South Africa in particular focus on this trait. Dutch hybrids such as ‘Mambo’ and ‘Floris Hekker’ were selected specifically for pot culture as well. The “cybister” hybrids, owing to the lightness of their blooms offer a way to have the elegance of great height with less likelihood of toppling. Thank you for your comment!

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