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new amaryllis varieties added to the Photo Library this season

A Tale of Two Boxes

Just when you thought the season of spending was ending, two Dutch companies say…’not so fast.’ I am accustomed to Royal Colors continuing their offerings well into spring, but these are mostly just varieties that haven’t sold out and are

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While we’re at it, two more no-goes

Royal Colors has certainly been on a roll with the novel offerings. Two that grabbed my attention this season did so for the same reason. In trying to verify their names, no registry information could be found for either. Emaryllis loves a

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Maybe next year

    Emaryllis shells out a fair amount each season to attempt to get as many newly available varieties into the photo gallery as possible. But sometimes things don’t go perfectly. Case in point: ‘Tutti Frutti.’ While the one and

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I never promised you an amaryllis garden


But here it-or rather, they are! Royal Colors offered three of the klister (Dutch for cluster) type amaryllis this season, so naturally Emaryllis had to have one of each. Marketing these clumps (which Royal Colors distinguished with the “multiflora” moniker)

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You’re no Daphne, Darling


The quest to add the bold and richly shaded ‘Daphne’  to the site has not gone as had been hoped. Usually the newest cultivars to hit the market are usually available with correct labeling, but not this time out.

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Triple treat: three new Saad-Assaf entries

The Israeli breeder and grower has been on quite a roll of late. While they do grow common cultivars that end up in many box kits, they have been adding new selections from their own breeding program at a steady

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La Belle Rebellion


A new addition to the Photo Library brings with it not only a pretty new face to make you smile, but a naming convention to surely revile. Meet ‘Belle Alliance,’ which many of us will know by the name Intermezzo ® .

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A tropical breeze brings ‘Sulawesi’ to our shores


A cut-flower variety that isn’t in the dry bulb trade per se…yet. This elegant and richly colored “cybister” type would certainly have buyers just as its island neighbor, ‘Sumatra’ has. ‘Sulawesi’ is fascinating to observe in the early stages of

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Tiny but tasty, ‘Piripiri’ flavors the gallery

Charming and deliberately uneven in form, this delicate newcomer enters the Photo Library as a one-off. Hybrids like ‘Piripiri’ are almost entirely the province of the cut-flower industry. There are dozens of such amaryllis barely known to the dry bulb

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Refreshing Muscadet enters the Photo Library

Offered as a limited release by Royal Colors, ‘Muscadet’ is as crisp and refreshing as its name suggests. It seems that a spate of Pascal Berbée’s cut-flower hybrids are finding their way into wider markets. Perhaps there is a growing

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